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Austin Bennett

Father, Photographer, Poke Bowl Enthusiast

Austin Bennett

If you haven't guessed by now, my name is Austin. I live for two things: my twin daughters and to tell visual stories. In a way both of those kind of integrated into one another. Five years ago I picked up a camera to photograph my journey as a single parent. This sparked an unyielding fire to tell other people's stories.

Much like single parenting my budding career has seen it’s ups and downs. It’s been kind of trial by fire but instead of letting that fire consume me I use it to fuel me to be a better parent and to be a better photographer.

I live for the challenge (short of being reckless of course). Whether it’s shooting with flash on a small balcony during a wind storm with passing rain showers, or laying down in the middle of a busy street to get my subjects head in the blue sky stepping out of the confines of normal fuels my creativity. What you get when you hire me is all of me, the fun dad, the wild man and the sensible get it done as best as possible photographer.

Some of my favorite behind the scenes pics

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